West London Model Aeroplane Club

Safety reporting

Legal reporting

Model flying is covered by many of the legal requirements relating to full-size regarding reporting of incidents.  And the Article 16 authorisation adds some specific requirements.    In short any injury, serious incident (=high risk of injury occurring) or other occurrence (=anything dodgy) which involved flight above 400ft, within 50m of uninvolved people, or a model that flew out of line of sight must now be reported to one of the AAIB/CAA

If you think something might need to be reported, the first place to start is the BMFA's portal which will tell you what, if anything, needs to be done based on the answers to a few questions: https://reporting.bmfa.uk/

Further information about the law is on the BMFA's Mandatory Occurrence Reporting page: https://rcc.bmfa.uk/art16-occurrence-reporting


Club occurrence reporting

As well as any legal reporting of incidents, the club encourages all members to report to the committee both any events you have concerns about, or any situation that you think could be a safety problem - even if nothing has happened yet.  We would stress this is not just flying related - and in fact almost all issues in the past that have needed action have not been flying related (leaking gas hob; people tripping over various obstructions; etc)

You can, of course, tell a committee member, but we also have a form that can be used:

PDF version

Excel version

If you fill this in and send it to any committee member it will always be discussed at the next committee meeting.  It can be filled in anonymously and posted to the Chairman, although it's more useful if we can discuss it with the author.


Safeguarding issues

Although it is not so likely in our environment, if anyone has any concerns regarding the treatment of children or vulnerable adults, it should be reported in the first instance to the club welfare officer, currently Colin Martin.