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New drone regulations. The new regulations regarding flight restriction zones came into effect on 13th March.  There is information about this here on the BMFA site. We are outside the control area for Denham by a few hundred metres, so this has no direct impact on the club.  However anyone flying models at other sites, or at home, is reminded that these regulations cover a large part of NW London (Denham, Northolt, Heathrow, Elstree). 


The further regulations regarding licensing and competency testing are due to go into effect at the end of October.  However the expectations of these is rapidly changing and we have little idea yet what the actual rules will be - and they may be delayed.  So please don't take any action on these.  Once they are finalised the committee will review them and provide a simple summary of what, if anything, club members need to do.


Membership.  The BMFA has a new membership management system.  You can see your membership info using it, even if you rejoin through the club.  There is information about it here.  Please ensure that you show as a member of WLMAC on the BMFA system (if so, we can automatically see that you've renewed your BMFA even if you pay as a country member or through another club)