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The club's complete current Covid protocols are now maintained on their own page on this website which will be updated whenever the situation changes: Covid protocols.


September Covid Rule changes

New government Covid restrictions come into force on 14th Sept that restrict gatherings of more than 6 people.  Following advice from the BMFA we can continue to fly at the field with more than 6 present under rules for sporting activities.  However there are some conditions on this.  As a result, with immediate effect the following rules MUST be followed:
- You must not visit the field if you have any symptoms of Covid, or have been in contact in the last 2 weeks with anyone diagnosed with Covid.
- We must keep a log of attendance at the field to trace contacts in case of Covid.  Therefore each day you go to the field, preferably when leaving, you must EITHER post on the club Whatsapp group the rough times you were there, OR text the information to Tony Parrot on 07850 872584.  He has kindly offered to collate the info texted to him.
- If you test positive for Covid, and have visited the field in the last 2 weeks you must notify the committee ASAP.  We will then notify in particular those known to be at the field at the same time, but also the entire club by email, in case of anyone who forgot to log themselves.  This should ensure all possible contacts are notified.
- No non-club members may be invited to the field, EXCEPT for immediate family members who live with you (and the committee may continue to invite prospective members and will deal with the tracing requirements for this)
- We will revert to 3 models maximum in the air at one time, to improve social distancing.  One pilot should stand in front of each leaning rail and 1 in front of the bench-rail.
- You must have hand sanitiser with you if visiting the field.  This should be used on any item that might be touched by more than one person - in particular the gate lock.