West London Model Aeroplane Club

Welcome to West London Model Aeroplane Club

Next club event
Thursday, 09 December
Xmas dinner and AGM

The Xmas dinner and AGM is on 9th Dec.  If you want to attend the dinner and haven't yet booked it, please contact Mat ASAP.  The xmas dinner will be served at about 7:00pm, and the formal meeting will start at 8:30pm.

COVID situation

There are no longer legal restrictions on the use of the field.  However we are trying to still minimise use of the club hut - the risk of infection outside in the fresh air is likely to be much lower.  The hut can be used when needed, but please try to keep visits to a minimum

2021 legal updates

The rules governing model flying have been almost entirely replaced for the new year.  In general this will not change how we operate as the model flying associations have an "Article 16 authorisation" permitting us to operate as before.  A summary of the new rules as they affect our club are here: /legal-update.aspx

However there is one thing you must do if you are using a BMFA certificate as proof of competence.  If so, you must log onto the BMFA portal at https://bmfa.azolve.com and tick the box to say that you are aware of the Article 16 rules. 

If you've done the online legal questions test (either the BMFA "rcc" one or the CAA "DMARES" one) then this is not necessary.  But for anyone else using a BMFA certificate, it is not legal to fly until you have ticked this box.