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Wednesday, 08 July
Field Meeting
BBQ and Electric Flying

Covid-19:  UPDATE 17th May:

The government, assisted by the BMFA, have decided it is OK for us to venture onto the field again under strict conditions.  Please see the email for details sent on 17th for details.  In brief:

- The club hut is out of bounds (the chairman, only, will go in there to do any maintenance required).  EXCEPT if you need the first aid kit in an emergency

- You need to bring everything you need with you to be totally self-sufficient including, for example water and bin bags.  You mustn't borrow, or even touch, anyone else's stuff

- When operating the gate lock either wear gloves or disinfect it before and after

- Clean starting benches BEFORE use to your own satisfaction. 

- Maximum 3 to fly at a time, and must stand in the designated spots (1 in front of each leaning rail and 1 in front of the podium) which are suitably spaced.

All club meetings are on hold until further notice.  Fun day will not take place on the published date, but might be rescheduled for later in the summer.