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Thursday, 13 February
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Projects evening

Note re Monday 10th February.  On this day BT will be carrying out works on the telephone pole near/inside the gate, beside our access road.  It is possible while working on the pole that they might block access at times.

New drone and model aircraft regulations: The CAA's new registration and testing scheme for drone operators is now live. You do NOT need to register directly with the CAA.  The CAA has issued separate exemptions and arrangements for BMFA members, and all the legal stuff will be done via the existing BMFA systems. 

What you should do is:

(1) Ensure the BMFA have your correct details on their membership portal: https://bmfa.azolve.com/ In particular they need a working email address, and should have your DoB.  If you've not logged in before, try entering your email and clicking on the forgot password option.  If that doesn't work, contact the BMFA to get your login details.  If you are attending the AGM we will be logged in, and can do this with you during subs collection.

(2) A few days after renewing your membership, log into the BMFA portal, as above, and print off your BMFA membership card.  You need to carry this to prove you have done a valid competence test - certificates and the BMFA online test will show on your card.

(3) You will receive a flyer ID from the CAA in early February.  You need to put this on all your models.  It can be inside, as long as it can be accessed without using tools