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Wednesday, 11 September
Field Meeting
BBQ and Electric Flying

Funday : Funday is on, but Springwell Lane is closed due to a tree down.  Please drive to the field via the Harefield end of Springwell Lane.

New drone regulations.  The DfT has published their updated restrictions on drones near airfields, which come into effect on 13th March.  There is information about this here on the BMFA site.

We are outside the control area for Denham by a few hundred metres, so this has no direct impact on the club.  The boundary reaches just short of Springwell lane at its closest point.

However anyone flying models at other sites, or at home, is reminded that these regulations cover a large part of NW London (Denham, Northolt, Heathrow, Elstree).  There is NO minimum weight or height which is exempt.  Even the tiniest model in your own garden now requires permission if in an affected area.

Membership.  The BMFA has a new membership management system.  You can see your membership info using it, even if you rejoin through the club.  There is information about it here.  If you pay the club for your BMFA membership you may receive a confirmation email directly from the BMFA starting "Thank you for signing up to be a member of the BMFA".  You will only receive this if they already had an email address for you.