West London Model Aeroplane Club


The committee sets out to maintain a membership of up to 105 members, in order to provide a reasonable balance between overcrowding at busy times, and the need to keep subscription income at a level that covers running costs and emergencies.  However, natural wastage inevitably creates a few vacancies each year and applications are welcomed from prospective members.  Those wishing to enquire about membership and /or to visit the facilities should in the first instance, telephone the Membership Secretary Mike Marman (0781 224 6651) or meet another member of the committee at our club meetings. The qualities that the committee look for in new members are:

1. A responsible and cooperative attitude to club rules and in particular, those concerning noise and safety.

2. A primary interest in flying sports and scale fixed wing models. The flying field is not really suitable for pattern flying as this type of flying has resulted in noise complaints in the past.

3. A commitment and interest in attending club meetings and other events organised by the club.

4. A BMFA 'A' certificate is required to fly.  Although beginners are welcomed into membership, their acceptance at any particular time will hinge on the availability of instructors to assist them.

Membership fees for 2019 are: (joining fee is paid for first year only in addition to annual fee)

  Joining Fee Annual Subscription
Adults £150 £120
Juniors £75 £47
Social   £32

In addition, all members are required to hold BMFA insurance cover which costs £38 adults, £17 juniors. To apply to join the club please use the button below.

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