West London Model Aeroplane Club


The West London Model Aeroplane Club was formerly the West Drayton MAC. It was founded 1969 by Terry Melloney, who was at one time British Scale Champion and also World Scale Champion. The membership was about 18 when Lloyd Ressler became Chairman.

The West Drayton field was located in what is now the Stockley Park Estate. The present field was offered to the club when the owners of the West Drayton site decided to build the Business Park on the land. The club has developed what was a land fill site into an ideal Model Flying Airfield. Upon the change of flying site, the Club's name was changed to West London MAC, monthly meetings were started and a monthly newsletter was introduced.

The field is located about 1 mile from exit 17 of the M25. It is accessed by a private paved and hardcore road. The entrance gate to the site is locked and each member has a key to access the site when they wish to fly their models.

On the Flying field there is a Secure Clubhouse comprising 40ft by 10ft which is heated with a kitchen and a flushing toilet. There is a large hardcore parking area just behind the clubhouse and members can drive up to the Clubhouse park and carry their models just a few metres to the pits area in front of the clubhouse. Immediately in front of the clubhouse there is an area set aside members and visitors to sit and relax and watch the flying. In the summer chairs, tables and umbrellas are put out for lunch for the members and their visitors. There is a pits area and hard standing for winter flying and tables to assemble models. From the field there is a lovely view over the countryside towards the M25.

The flying site is a large flat grass area over 100 metres each way, there is no restriction on flying times for silent flight (e.g. electric) models, but I/C models must meet the BMFA noise limits and may only be flown between 09h00 and 19h00.  In 2011 the club had an Astroturf runway laid, this has proved to be a great success and was extended in 2013.

We now have an additional heli hovering area (also suitable for indoor 3D models) outside the main flying area so that both can be flown at once without conflict.