West London Model Aeroplane Club


Mar 2021 update

From 28th March we are open again under the protocols that started in September 2020

WLMAC Virus Protocols

We now have to have a track and trace facility which means you must either update WLMAC Whatsapp with the times you were at the field or if you haven't got Whatsapp then please text Tony Parrott on 07850 872584.  If you want to join the WLMAC Whatsapp group please email Mat.

Very important - If at any time you think you or any members of your household have any of the Covid-19 symptoms then do not attend the field and stay at home, if you have attended the field in the last 2 weeks  then make sure you advise the Committee without delay. The symptoms and NHS 111 checker are here https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/check-if-you-have-coronavirus-symptoms/ Some of the virus's symptoms are similar to hay fever, if you suffer from this, please make sure that any treatments you use actually suppress the hay fever symptoms, otherwise you might be suffering from something else. If in doubt stay away and isolate etc.

Things to be aware of if you or a member of your household attend the WLMAC field, as follows (in no particular order).

  1. You must not attend if you have any symptoms of the virus.
  2. Each individual is responsible for cleaning/ sanitizing any of the club's equipment, to whatever standard they deem fit, if they intend to use it. This includes cones, restraint benches, leaning rails/ podiums, work tables, car track barriers (stored under the table) etc. NB some may not be particular fastidious with their cleanliness or not bothered to do any cleaning at all, so do not assume anything is clean/ sanitized. It is your responsibility not theirs. Also, make sure you dispose of your cleaning materials, cloths towels etc, as you go and do not let them get blown away.
  3. Ideally, you must be physically able to transport your own models and equipment to and from your vehicle, the pits, flight-line etc, as no-one else should touch them. NB you may bring a member of your household to assist you but they must maintain social distancing with anyone else that is present.
  4. HOWEVER - this should not be allowed to impact flight safety.  If a helper to hand-launch or carry a model with engine running would be safer, then you should do so, taking suitable hygeine precautions (either wearing gloves or sanitizing)
  5. The clubhouse will be closed to everyone and therefore there will be no WC facilities other than using the great outdoors. For decency's sake make sure you are out of view of others and the webcam.
  6. You must bring everything you need for your visit including sanitizer, PPE, a chair, basic 1st aid, medication, food, drinks, sun-cream, hat, rubbish bag, cleaning products, your models and equipment etc.  No sharing of touching anyone else's stuff including their vehicles.
  7. Training can continue but only with very specific precautions and further details will be agreed with the trainers/  the trainees that actually turn up to fly (all other protocols/ advice will still be relevant).
  8. Take whatever precautions you feel are necessary when handling the locks or the gate, at the entrance.
  9. If you are unsure of anything to do with the field protocols then please either contact Mathew 07764 991001 or ask others that are there. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT COMPROMISES THE SAFETY OF OTHERS OR IS ANNOYING.
  10. The TV production co will attend as necessary, they have their own protocols. Due to the clubhouse restrictions they are not allowed to use the toilet in the clubhouse.
  11. All other club rules apply, unless specifically changed by these protocols.
  12. Park vehicles in a location that ensures social distancing, this means leaving at least a car space between each vehicle. Parking adjacent to the road and car track is permitted.
  13. If using the heli' area, it is ok to park near it, providing the ground is firm enough.
  14. Do not lean against or touch any other vehicle or its contents.
  15. Do not park near the pits/ restraint benches, unless you intend to fly.
  16. Use the 3 separate pilot boxes for the main strip (see attachment) and maximum 3 models in the air at any one time. As the spacing is greater than usual it is very important that any calls are made loudly, so that the other pilots can definitely hear and acknowledge.
  17. Do not enter the hatched areas between the pilot's boxes, if there are any pilots in the adjacent pilo'ts boxes.
  18. The big bench is out of bounds and will be relocated/ turned upside down or coned/taped off, if we can't get enough bod's to move it.
  19. The work tables can be used but only by one person at a time, so share nicely. If you want to make sure you have a table/ stand then bring your own, as those at the field are likely to be used on a 1st come 1st served basis.
  20. Stockers Farm boundary protocols still apply, make sure you have Richard Orr's number with you, in case you need to get permission to access his land.
  21. Car racing will be permitted but do not use it the main track if anyone is using the heli' area or if there are any cars parked anywhere near the track. The track equipment in the clubhouse is off limits. The Astroturf may be used for car racing providing there are no flyers present but make sure all social distancing is maintained.
  22. Make sure you collect all of your belongings and rubbish before you leave the field.
  23. Bring water with you for cleaning, drinking etc. "Remember you cannot get water from the club house.  On hot days' you might need to bring several litres of water to drink".
  24. If there is an emergency then access to the first aid kit in the clubhouse is permitted but please let the Committee know if it has been used, as soon as possible afterwards and for what reason (the 1st aid kit will need to be restocked and the clubhouse sanitized).
  25. If you do inadvertently touch something that belongs to someone else then make sure you let them know.
  26. Periodically Mathew will open the clubhouse to replace webcam the batteries, do not be nosey or just "pop in" to the toilet while this is happening